2018 Science and Engineering Scholars

Welcome to the University of Notre Dame! We are excited that you intend to major in a Science or Engineering related discipline. We are also pleased to offer you an opportunity to apply to the Mary E. Galvin Science and Engineering Scholars program. As a member of this program you will have access to:

  1. An online five-week summer refresher course to review pre-calculus topics.
  2. Special, small sections of introductory Chemistry, Physics and Calculus classes with experienced, award-winning, and dedicated instructors.
  3. Study-skills course attached to Chemistry and Physics courses that provide practice in numerical problem solving and critical thinking. The skills learned in these classes will help you succeed in many other courses.
  4. Continuing academic support throughout the first three semesters with small sections and study skills courses.
  5. Mentors (senior faculty) who will provide focused support and individual attention.
  6. Community building activities and workshops providing the tools, network, and resources that will help you to achieve your potential.
  7. Assistance in finding internships and opportunities in research labs near the end of your first academic year.

Applications must be submitted by May 21, 2021. The program will accept 80 incoming first-year students. Notifications of acceptance to the program will be sent starting on June 1, 2021.

Your determination and resilience combined with your achievements and hard work make you an outstanding candidate to be part of the Mary E. Galvin Science & Engineering Scholars program. We hope you will join us in the fall!