Meet the Galvin Scholars

Isaiah - Environmental Engineering Major

Scholars Isaiah

As an incoming freshman, I was worried about the level of learning and understanding of material that would be required when attending a university such as Notre Dame. However, by being a part of the Galvin Scholars Program, I was able to make a smooth transition into the academic college life. Not only was I given the opportunity of a smooth transition, but I was also taught by some of the most enthusiastic professors that I have encountered on campus during my time at Notre Dame. These professors really do care about the learning aspect of the material and they are not there to drill memorization into your brains, but rather the process of how to reach an answer. The professors demonstrate a teaching ability that goes beyond just giving you the information you need. They make sure that it is completely digested and understood and even if you are struggling to understand a concept, they are always willing to meet you pretty much at any reasonable time during the day.

In addition to the amazing professors, by being a part of this program, you are put with a cohort of new friends. As a natural introverted individual, making friends and connections with other people hasn't always come so easily to me, however with this program, I have met many new people and have made many new friends. Not only that, but these people that are part of your cohort are with you for the long haul. You have a support system that not many other students are able to have since you all have that same baseline classes.

Speaking of classes, they are smaller and more consolidated which to me where very helpful because it made me less nervous to asks questions in class when I was confused or lost. Furthermore, for some of the classes your exams are in a smaller setting which alleviates some of the testing anxiety that surfaces.

All in all, this program is amazing. Amazing professors, amazing friends.

Erica - Neuroscience and Behavior Major

Scholars Erica

The Galvin Scholars Program has been an extremely valuable resource as I have entered college. I am so lucky to have been provided with extra help, whether it be small class sizes, mentors, or outstanding professors. Going into my Sophomore year, I know I can be successful in the sciences after receiving a strong background in chemistry and calculus. Outside of academics, the Galvin Scholars Program has provided me with a tight knit and supportive community that has helped me adjust to life in college. I know that this program has been instrumental to my success during my first year.

Zachary - Civil Engineering Major

Scholars Zach

I come from a small island in the Pacific Ocean and consequently, my public high school education did not give me nearly the amount of college preparation that my peers possessed. The Galvin Scholars program has greatly helped me adjust to the learning curve present at such a prestigious institution such as Notre Dame. The program provided me with extra academic help and specialized attention to aid me with my schoolwork. These resources have proved to be extremely helpful in aiding my understanding of tough concepts and thus have allowed me to really succeed in my first year here at the University. I highly recommend becoming part of this program.

Chelsea - Science Preprofessional Major

Scholars Chelsea

When I first received the email to apply to the Galvin scholars program, I was a little hesitant to apply because I thought it was going to add stress to an already stressful situation that was going to be freshman year. However, with a push from my mum, I applied and got in. Now, looking back, although I was a little angry with my mum at the time, I appreciate the push my mum gave me. It helped me get into a program that turned out to be one of the best parts of my freshman year. This program helped me with extra help if I needed it; reminiscing to the hours after class Professor Gezelter would help me understand Gen Chem and all the times, Professor Dobrowolska would listen to me rant about Organic Chemistry. This program has also helped me make some life long friends. In all, I am very appreciative of everything this program has given me.

Julia - Chemical Engineering Major / Energy Studies Minor

Scholars Julia

I graduated from high school in a class of about 800 students where only 20% of the graduates will go off to college and graduate with a four year degree. Not being very prepared for the workload and challenges of college, it has been an amazing opportunity to work closely with the instructors and mentors to gain the foundation to ensure my success for the next three years. I have also gained amazing friends who I am able to work with on homework assignments, study with, and just have as smiling friendly faces around campus. Thanks to the small class sizes and extra help, I was able to understand the material much quicker than if I were in huge lectures, letting me devote my extra time to extracurriculars. The Galvin Scholars Program helped me tremendously, and I am extremely excited to be successful the next three years thanks to this amazing support I have gained this year!